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Mediterraneo, Casa del Arte, sells art from the following artists. Select an artist from the list below to find out more information on them.

Adam Tiernan Thomas
Andrej Pavlic
The world of the subconscious is highly important to Andrej Pavlic, and his power of perception, especially that of the artistic type, is convincing and also gives him a formal advantage. Therefore he is easily connected with the experience of surrealism, although in his paintings, surrealism is manifested as a certain special intimist form....  [more >]
Andrew Ryder
"I work with colour and movement in differing light levels. I am especially interested in mesopic colour vision. This occurs at dusk when daylight vision changes to night vision."  [more >]
Bojana Krizanec
In her work she uses simple geometric shapes like circle, rectangle, square, Ö She is interested in graphical impact on the viewer: black/white, straight line/curved line and light and dark contrast.  [more >]
Bostjan Jurecic Vega
...the paintings from "Tribalismus Urbanismus" series depict modern urban man, who likesto think of himself as being civilised, but who, in reality has never risen above group, tribal conscience...  [more >]
Claudio Missagia
Dunja Bozek Zubak
Dunja Bozek Zubak is a very objective landscape observer in all of its forms and produces some extraordinary pieces which are most appreciated home (in Croatia) and abroad.  [more >]
Evert Van Seggelen
Evert's enormous positive energy is highly reflected in his work and overtakes you immediately. Portraits of famous people, exotic women bodies, flowers in Dutch fields painted with such powerful colours in this cartoon like manner represent his unique perspective...  [more >]
Giles Blunden
Lucio Diodati
Manuel Noguera
Marko Zubak
Miroslav Bilac
Only recently he celebrated 50 years of active painting during which time he had around 40 solo exhibitions starting with his first show in 1953.  [more >]
Narcis Kantardzic
The key of images can be found in the enigmatic presence of imaginative architecture of tower filled with a clear message from a Freudian arsenal of bearers of archetype symbolism.  [more >]
Peter Simmons
Originally drawn to the fractured urban environments which he encountered in the more subversive quarters of Cuba, Russia, and Eastern Europe, PIKY became intoxicated with these street textures (which he terms 'the Filth'): a gritty cocktail of revolution, collective memory, alien alphabets and advertising, served up in ad hoc layerings, combinations, and patterns. Today the artist explores this theme by transforming London street ephemera into subversive, satirical, and political art...  [more >]
Rita Voskanijan
Rita Voskanijan is a graphic and pictorial artist, using complex and laboured techniques which were employed in icon painting, giving her work a unique finish of textured patterns and rich colours.  [more >]
Saso Petrosevski Novak
...from simplicity of expression, involving symbolism to the modification of form and finally to entry in the domain of abstraction...  [more >]
Stojan Milanov
A sort of vibrant enthusiasm and Mediterranean serenity characterizing Milanovís paintings are both aimed at investigating the abysses of exoteric and spiritual intimate worlds...  [more >]
Valery Koroshilov
Valery's carefully arranged still lives, nude torsos and homages to old masters go beyond the illusionist description of the world to capture a sense of passing time, drawing the viewer's attention to the delicacy, fragility and subtlety of their subject.  [more >]
Viktor Sest
Bringing together drawing and colours in his oil paintings results in a really exuberant view. He paints exactly that what he wants to see.  [more >]
Zaneta Veljanoska
Zlatan Pilipovic
Moving to London in the nineties, Zlatan paints full time. Working in oil, his painting represent the beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes in Spain, France, Italy,...  [more >]
Zoran Korac
Born in Skopje, Macedonia 1962. Lives and vorks in London since 1990.  [more >]

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