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Stojan Milanov
Sojan Milanov was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1963. His artistic talent become evident already in his early age in which he manifested particular affinity for graphite pencil drawing. Since 1985, painting has turned into his main activity soliciting his full commitment. His main thematic preoccupations, beside human figure, are urban landscape and landscape in general.
Milanov graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He is a member of Association of Fine and Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS).

Individual exhibitions:
-Gallery of the Serbian-Greek Friendship Association, Belgrade, 1996
-Dar-Mar Gallery, Belgrade, 2003
-Simic New Renaissance Galleries, La Jolla, California, 2004
-Gallery Progres, Belgrade, 2004

He participated in numerous collective artistic displays.

-Artist of the year, “Simic New Renaissance Galleries”, California, 2005
- First prize on the artistic contest “I bi Tesla”, Belgrade, 2006

Stojan Milanov’s paintings are part of many art collection throughout the United States of Amerika as well as in various European countries.

“A sort of vibrant enthusiasm and Mediterranean serenity characterizing Milanov’s paintings are both aimed at investigating the abysses of exoteric and spiritual intimate worlds. However, his paintings sometimes acquire a substance of melancholic meditation on human condition that differs from any form of civil solipsism. Through Milanov’s work we reveal that he is a reliable connoisseur of portrait psychology with his portraying skills presenting him as an excellent observer. Indeed, the way in which Milanov experiences the face physiology is unique in this part of the world. We might say, in fact, that he represents a subtle version of a Serbian Lucien Freud. His portrait palette is reserved, dark and deep, reduced to an umbrage, an incarnate and a muffled, sulphur-yellow colour. Stojan Milanov paints faces that are disencumbered of social position masks. He scratches deep below the surface of physiognomy, psychologically liberating his representations and revealing the souls hidden behind the faces. His portraying intuition succeeds in materializing the dialects of physiognomy and psyche. There are some traces of Dutch School masters patina in his work (here Hals is the first to come to mind), although the faces that Milanov portrays are basically the contemporary ones. Milanov’s skill enables him to condense the soul of the portrayed model in the corner of a lip or by means of an eye reflection revealing thus the inner being. In this way, the faces of portrayed people revive the mysterious psyche mechanics, manifesting the abruptness and the accuracy of the observed, while the artist’s dramatic and almost design-prone eurhythmics and his textual dramatization manage to attain eminent esthetic value.”
A Press Article Excerpt: ”Knjizevni Magazin”, September 2004

Art by Stojan Milanov
Stojan Milanov
Leaving Behind
Technique: oil on canvas
85x65cm (1 available, £1700 ea)
Running Away
Technique: oil on canvas
60x40cm (1 available, £1400 ea)
An Old Umbrella
Technique: oil on canvas
90x60cm (1 available, £1700 ea)
In the Garden
Technique: oil on canvas
100x75cm (sold out)
Top Spin
Technique: oil on canvas
120x70cm (1 available, £2500 ea)
Sleeping Rough
Technique: oil on canvas
100x85cm (1 available, £2500 ea)
In the Rain
Technique: oil on canvas
50x60cm (1 available, £1400 ea)
Man with a doll
Technique: oil on canvas
Technique: oil on board
Question of choice
Technique: oil on canvas
Technique: oil on canvas
Ten to Eight
Technique: oil on canvas
130x100cm (sold out)

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